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Water Level Monitoring

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Wildeye is an affordable, accurate & dependable water level monitoring solution.

Remotely monitor from your desktop, tablet or mobile device reservoir, pond and lake levels, ground water & well depths, irrigation ditch levels and weirs.

With tens of thousands of Wildeyes deployed into California, Australia and New Zealand – farmers, irrigation districts, engineers and irrigation dealers keep better track of what’s happening with water infrastructure and ground water levels to put more science into their decision making.

The Wildeye suite of products range from simple all-in-one battery powered packages to drop into ditches and reservoirs through to full real-time telemetry packages for deep wells and ground monitoring monitoring applications.

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The Wildeye Advantage

Irrigation System Monitoring

  • Attaches to any existing depth sensor –  or purchase a package with depth sensor included
  • Packages that work out of the box – install depth sensor then press one button to start
  • Supplements Scada monitoring with low-cost end points and export data to existing systems
  • Receive alerts on faults or errors such as: critical low level, overflow, empty tank
  • Simple, affordable and scalable
  • Expandable for flow meter, weather sensors or irrigation management

Agency and State Water Reporting

  • Automated water diversion report generation for SGMA and SB88 in California
  • Control your data feeds to third-party databases and platforms, including water agency feeds
  • Staff gauge synchronization feature
  • User friendly graphs to sanity check reservoir, well and ground water activity
  • API integration available
  • Supplements Scada monitoring with low-cost end points and export data to existing systems

Features and Benefits

Software and Hardware

  • Web-based
  • No software installation needed
  • Push one button to start
  • Automatic updates – daily, weekly, monthly e-mail graphs
  • Alerts to SMS text and e-mail
  • Battery powered models – up to 5-year battery life
  • Waterproof – survives submersion
  • Optional solar power
  • Tough and compact
  • Uses M12 connectors – pinned, polarized, waterproof and easy to connect
  • Easy to move
  • Expandable – connect multiple devices on single Wildeye
  • Tens of thousands of units at work around the world

Communication Options

  • Reliable Cellular – works where your phone works

Additional Tools

  • Leak detection
  • Automatic grouping of graphs, email and SMS alerts

Set Alerts For

  • Pressure
  • Dwyer pressure
  • Ultrasonic
  • Water temperature
  • Level

Retrofit of In-Field Products

Wildeye is an excellent solution for equipment already installed in the field – you don’t need to start from scratch. Integrate products you already have using our hardware to create an easy, workable, cost-effective answer.

Popular Level Monitoring Packages


 Well, Reservoir and Pond level monitoring out of the box, data and alarms to your phone. Expandable

  • Ideal for SB88, SGMA and other compliance monitoring Depth sensor has no vent tube, no need for a vent box – accurate up to +- 0.5in depth.
  • Order with custom cable length and sensor depth range depending on your requirement.
  • Install by dropping sensor into well, pond or reservoir to desired depth.
  • Load pond and reservoir survey data into website to enable water volume data calculation.
  • Keep adding additional sensors as required including weather, flow, filter and pump sensors.

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