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Flow Meter Monitoring

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Wildeye is an affordable, accurate & dependable flow meter monitoring solution.

Remotely monitor from your desktop, tablet or mobile device all popular brands of irrigation flow meters including mag flow, ultrasonic, propeller meters, as well as weirs.

With tens of thousands of Wildeye telemetry devices deployed into California, Australia and New Zealand – farmers, irrigation districts, irrigators, PCAs, agronomists and dealers keep better track of irrigation system performance and water usage, while also saving costs and improving the accuracy of data collection.

The Wildeye suite of products range from simple clip-on battery powered telemetry units that retrofit your meter, through to package solutions for state water reporting, water diversion reporting, filter station monitoring, irrigation system monitoring, well and pump monitoring, siphon flow, weir monitoring and more.

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Benefits of Flow Meter Monitoring

  • Monitor and alert on the performance of your irrigation system: flow rates, irrigation times, leaks

  • Monitor the amount of irrigation applied to crops for irrigation management

  • Monitor per irrigation, per week, per month or seasonal volumes

  • Automate meter reading for state water and water board reporting such as SGMA and SB88 water diversion

  • Monitor water usage for billing purposes

Wildeye Benefits

Agency and State Water Reporting

  • Automated water diversion report generation for SGMA and SB88 in California

  • Control your data feeds to third-party databases and platforms, including water agency feeds

  • Meter face synchronization feature

  • User friendly graphs to sanity check peak flow rates and check for meter performance issues

  • Automatic data export to billing systems

  • Supplements Scada monitoring with low-cost end points and export data to existing systems

Irrigation System Monitoring

  • Monitor actual and budgeted water use throughout the season and from year-to-year

  • See flow rate down to one-minute intervals to measure pump runtime and irrigation times

  • Receive alerts on faults or errors such as: Overwatering, Leaks, Pump Failures, Filter Plugging

  • Add pressure gauges for pump & filter performance

Features and Benefits

Software and Hardware

  • Web-based
  • No software installation needed
  • Push one button to start
  • Automatic updates – daily, weekly, monthly e-mail graphs
  • Alerts to SMS text and e-mail
  • Battery powered models – up to 5-year battery life
  • Waterproof – survives submersion
  • Optional solar power
  • Tough and compact
  • Uses M12 connectors – pinned, polarized, waterproof and easy to connect
  • Easy to move
  • Expandable – connect multiple devices on single Wildeye
  • Tens of thousands of units at work around the world

Communication Options

  • Reliable Cellular – works where your phone works

Supports Industry Standard Sensors:

  • Seametrics
  • McCrometer
  • Netafim
  • Lindsay
  • Sparling
  • Siemens
  • Mace
  • Tyco
  • ABB
  • Sierra Instruments
  • And more!

Additional Tools

  • Leak detection
  • Automatic grouping of graphs, email and SMS alerts

Retrofit of In-Field Products

Wildeye is an excellent solution for equipment already installed in the field – you don’t need to start from scratch. Integrate products you already have using our hardware to create an easy, workable, cost-effective answer.

Popular Flow Monitoring Packages


Get any flow meter online – data and alerts to your mobile phone. Expandable.

  • Ideal leak detection, SGMA, SB88 and other compliance
  • Compatible with almost all flow meters on the market; retrofits to existing meters.
  • Choose from long-life battery version, or solar version if more real-time data is required.
  • Connect up to 16 meters with wiring distance of the Wildeye unit.
  • Can monitor for flow meter battery or other failure independently of the meter and send fault alerts.
  • Keep adding additional sensors as required including weather, flow, filter and pump sensors.

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Monitor your irrigation system performance – data and alerts to your phone. Expandable

  • Fits to any filter station to monitor performance.
  • 95% of irrigation system problems are identified at the at the filter station.
  • Detect filter problem, pump faults, pump start and stop, irrigation hours and flow rates and calculate inches.
  • Configure automatic email reports and text and email alerts to unlimited recipients.
  • Can monitor for flow meter battery or other failure independently of the meter and send fault alerts.
  • Keep adding additional sensors as required including weather, flow, filter and pump sensors.

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