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Farm and Irrigation Monitoring has Never Been Easier

Wildeye is an affordable, accurate & dependable farm and irrigation monitoring solution. Remotely monitor soil moisture sensors, flow meters, weather sensors, reservoir levels, and well & pump station performance from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

With tens of thousands of Wildeyes deployed into California, Australia and New Zealand – farmers, irrigators, PCAs, agronomists and dealers keep better track of what’s happening on the farm and put more science into their decision making.

The Wildeye suite of products range from simple all-in-one soil moisture, weather and reservoir level packages through to retrofit solutions designed to attach to your preferred 3rd party sensors or existing deployed sensors.

3 Steps for Installation!

  1. Connect your flow meter, soil or farm sensor
  2. Install anywhere with mobile phone coverage
  3. Push the activate button. Start monitoring your farm online


Reliable Cellular – works where your phone works

Farm and Irrigation Monitoring Solutions

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Irrigation Flow Meter Monitoring

Water Level Monitoring – well depth, irrigation channel, reservoir

Weather Stations

Additional Farm and Irrigation Monitoring Tools

  • Leak detection
  • iPhone App
  • Automatic email reports
  • SMS and email alerts
  • Water diversion reporting
  • Dealer admin platform
  • SCADA compatible

A Complete Farm and Irrigation Monitoring System

  • Web-based
  • No software installation needed
  • Push one button to start
  • Automatic updates – daily, weekly, monthly e-mail graphs
  • Alerts to SMS text and e-mail
  • Battery powered models – up to 5-year battery life
  • Waterproof – survives submersion
  • Optional solar power
  • Tough and compact
  • Uses M12 connectors – pinned, polarized, waterproof and easy to connect
  • Easy to move
  • Expandable – connect multiple devices on single Wildeye
  • Tens of thousands of units at work around the world

Compatible Flow Meters & Farm Sensors

Supports Industry Standard Flow Meters:

  • Seametrics
  • McCrometer
  • Netafim
  • Lindsay
  • Sparling
  • Siemens
  • Mace
  • Aquamonix (formerly Tyco)
  • ABB
  • Sierra Instruments
  • And more!

Supports Industry Standard Soil Moisture Sensors:

  • Meter (formerly Decagon)
  • Enviropro
  • Sentek
  • Aquacheck
  • HSTI
  • Campbell Scientific
  • Watermark
  • Delta-T
  • Acclima
  • ESI

Compatible with your Existing Farm Sensors

Wildeye integrates with your existing farm and irrigation monitoring system – you don’t need to start from scratch. Integrate products you already have using our hardware to create an easy, workable, cost-effective solution.

Hardware Specifications

Durable Construction

Agricultural telemetry that’s waterproof and compact. Wildeye can be mounted outdoors without a case or cover.

Designed to IP68 and sealed in resin to ensure the longest operating life possible. Devices operate in extreme conditions around the world – snow in the South Island of New Zealand to the harsh desert environment of the Pilbara region in Western Australia and throughout California. Operating temperature range is -4 °F to 140 °F (-20 °C to +60 °C).

Power Options

Units come in two varieties – long-life battery version and rechargeable solar version. The solar version can accept a direct connection from a solar panel to allow real-time web connections.

  • Internal battery version designed for a 4-5 year life with 30 minutes logging and daily connections
  • Rechargeable version designed for a 4-5 year lifetime with 30 minutes logging and hourly connections or more

Wildeyes are engineered with excess battery capacity – this ensure that any reduction in battery capacity over time does not impact system performance.

All Wildeyes have internal power meters and measure the percentage of remaining battery life, power consumption, external solar panel voltage, temperature and charging conditions. These parameters are data logged and transmitted to the website where battery issues are detected and alerts sent.


A single Wildeye has a mixture of channels available, according to the product code. Channels can include up to 4 Analog channels (0-5V, 4-20mA or resistance), 2 x counter channels, 1 x digital switch, 1 x SDI12 or 1 x MODBUS channel (on RS232 or RS485).

Farm sensors are physically connected using the M12 waterproof connector standard to attach 3rd party sensors such as soil probes, pressure gauges or other meters/sensors.

Setup and Programming

Configuration of any desired parameters, including data logging interval, calibration and data sending interval can be made within the web platform upon request. This data can be sent in near real-time; as quickly as every minute.

Wildeyes are not programmed by direct connection in the field. All settings are easily changed via the website and pushed immediately with the TEST button on the front of the Wildeye or on the next scheduled push connection.

Memory and Logging

Wildeye hardware utilizes non-volatile flash storage which maintains data in case of power failure. The AMI field hardware is capable of storing more than one month of meter data, including timestamps, when logging at 15 minute intervals.

Software Specifications

A Farm and Irrigation Monitoring System for Growers

Growers can login to Wildeye from their phone, tablet or desktop using a secure username and password. After logging in, they will have immediate access to a graph for each of the connected farm sensors.

Graph elements are very flexible and can be customized to include the pump runtime or CIMIS weather data as well as other options.

The graphs can be clicked on for more detail and each graph can easily be dragged back and forth in time and the grower can zoom in and out to view their flow meter data and pump run time information. All historical data is available through the graph and is never archived.

Growers can alternatively download a mobile phone app to view their data on their phone without requiring a username and password each time they load the app.

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Automatic Emails of Data

Growers can be set up in the system to receive email pdf reports of their flow meter graphs and pump runtime at a default rate of once per week but configurable to be more or less frequent.

Sitewide Dashboard

A dashboard is available at first login that gives growers an overview of all their sites using Wildeye. This dashboard can be customized but at a minimum gives an instantaneous overview of the number of devices operating, flow meters with tamper events detected (either from the internal tamper detection or assumed from comparing flow meter usage with pump running status for example), flow meters that are currently measuring flow, field devices that are not communicating and battery alerts.

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Fleet Management

View your fleet of devices with a simple and intuitive administration webpage. Available details include:

  • Customer name
  • Serial number of device
  • Project reference (and the well number if available)
  • Signal strength of device
  • Battery % remaining of device
  • Minimum data logging interval
  • Upload interval age (time since last upload)
  • A link to more information on calibration and status
  • Color coding to show if device is communicating with central database: green = OK, amber = late communicating, red = more than 2 hours late communicating

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Map Feature

Map features can by installed using the mobile phone installation app. This app ensures that the GPS co-ordinate is collected at the time of installation and means that all of the devices can automatically appear on a map. The map feature can be used to get a geographical representation of the current status of devices. Pins on the map change color in real-time and the map page is designed so that it can optionally be displayed on a smart TV on the wall in a farm office.

The pins on the map are color coded and the color can be customized depending on requirements; i.e.: Blue = There is currently flow in the meter. Amber = The pump is running but no flow is detected Red = Communications fault on the field device. Green = field device operating normally but no flow detected

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Export & 3rd Party Interoperability

Wildeye software has a wide array of built-in options for importing and exporting data that include FTP, sFTP, XML Rest Interface , CSV File export and import and export of data directly into back-end SQl databases, historians and GIS systems.

Wildeye has worked with many organizations to customize import and export formats to suit various SCADA packages and Data Analysis packages. Automated exports with flexible settings can be set up by the user, or customized exports can be developed if required to meet a proprietary file format.

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Wildeye software runs from an enterprise grade cloud based central database solution for water management that has been operating for over 15 years.

Our cloud solution is trusted by water utilities for billing management. Access to the web platform is through SSL encrypted secure login. Databases are regularly backed up and a full database backup is performed daily. The system includes regular maintenance of all software and installation of security patches. This includes remote upgrade of device firmware.