Soil Moisture Monitoring

See how much water is in your soil from your phone. Know when and how much to irrigate. Reach optimum yield with less water and pumping costs. Meet compliance obligations.

4G IoT

Know what’s going on under your boots.

2 feet. 3 feet. 4 feet. 5 feet. How far below your boots is your irrigation? With Wildeye®, connectivity to your field systems and the important information they provide is easy, affordable, accurate and dependable.

With soil moisture sensors available for a wide variety of crops and soil types, Wildeye® is able to gather information from these devices and
send it to your phone, tablet or desktop.

Track your information on Wildeye’s easy-to-read, easy-to customize dashboard. Have the knowledge to make the most of your water day-to-day, throughout the growing season and from one year to the next.

Benefits of monitoring Soil Moisture

Stop over irrigating
Prevent over irrigation and the diseases it causes. Reduce fertilizer and pumping energy waste.
Know when to start
Track rainfall and the moisture it leaves in the soil – don’t needlessly irrigate too early.
Keeping up with ET
Make sure deep irrigation is maintained throughout the warmest part of the season.
Optimize Yield
Maintain water reach down to deep roots prior to hull split and harvest.
Maintain your soil
Observe infiltration rate – detect soil blockage from hardpan or chemical build-up.
Compliance monitoring
Meet your compliance obligations and demonstrate your environmental credentials.

One size does not fit all crop & soil types.

So we have a soil moisture monitoring solution to suit your unique requirements.

Profile Probes

■ Trees: Almonds, Walnuts, Pistacios, Plums (not flood irrigated)
■ Vines: Grapes, Tomatoes.
■ Short-term crops.

Single Point Sensors

■ Flood irrigated crops.
■ Shallow rooted trees and vines in loamy to sandy soil: Grapes, Tomatoes.
■ Flood and sprinkler irrigated shallow root crops: Turf, Grass.

Watermark Package

■ Short-term crops with consistently wetted soil: Vegetables, Hay.
■ Not ideal for flood.

Understand how to make your soil work for you

Read our article on Soil Moisture Terminology to understand the following statement:

“For good crop growth, maintaining water above stress point will maximize vegetative growth. Setting a refill point above stress point will ensure there is always readily available water for the crop. Replacing irrigation with no more water than a soil’s field capacity will minimize drainage, allowing irrigators to maximize fertiliser applications. “

We're all ears

Send us a quick email or give our sales team a call to chat with someone who knows their stuff. We've been doing this for 20 years, since before the "Internet of Things" had a name. 

We're all ears

Send us a quick email or give our sales team a call to chat with someone who knows their stuff. We've been doing this for 20 years, since before the "Internet of Things" had a name. 

Reliable Hardware

4G IoT

Designed for harsh environments. Wildeye® connects to global IoT cellular networks for maximum global coverage. There is no need for complicated radio infrastructure on your farm. Scale from one to thousands of sensors with minimal investment.

Wildeye® works out of the box with plug and play connectors to connect infield sensors to the cloud and single button activation to streamline installation and maintenance and reduce costs.

Your Wildeye® can be supplied with either ultra long life internal batteries or a rechargeable version from solar panels, battery packs or mains power.

Compatible with most major suppliers of meters & sensors

Wildeye® can supply a full system, including the right meter or sensor for the job. If you’ve already invested in meters & sensors then you don’t need to start from scratch. You can often upgrade with Wildeye® if your equipment is from a reputable manufacturer. Contact us to discuss if we can retrofit to your existing investment.

Works where you want it

No need to research radio technologies, install gateways and repeaters or maintain your own computer servers. Every wildeye® device runs on the global IoT standard of CatM1 (or LTE-M) for maximum coverage and communicates directly with the cloud. It’s ready to go. No need to provide a SIM card.

Wildeye® automatically updates device firmware and controls software upgrades so you can concentrate on running your own business.

Indicative coverage of CatM1 on Telstra Australia. May require high gain antenna. Can also operate on Vodafone/Optus if required. Refer to network operator for detailed coverage maps.
Indicative 4G (CatM1 / LTE-M) coverage of Verizon in North America. May require high gain antenna. Can also operate on AT&T & T-mobile if required.