Soil Moisture Monitoring in Avocados

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Soil Moisture Monitoring in Avocados

2018-02-27T02:29:12+00:00 September 26th, 2017|Case Studies, Soil Moisture|

Wildeye reseller Rob Abbas Consulting has been working with avocado and citrus grower Neil’s Farms to help manage irrigation scheduling through the use of soil moisture probes and convenient, online access to data.

Since installing the probes, Wayne from Neil’s Farms has revolutionised his irrigation scheduling. In fact, he credits the information provided by his wildeye monitoring tools with the business making it through the water scarcity resulting from a dry 2016/17 summer due to the fact that his business-as-usual approach to irrigation scheduling would have certainly resulted in him running out of water before the irrigation season was finished.

Instead, Wayne was able to reduce the frequency and duration of irrigation events while still knowing his trees had sufficient water to optimise yield because he could see, in near real-time, that soil moisture levels were adequate for uninhibited plant growth.

Consultants like Rob and growers like Wayne are increasingly relying on wildeye technology to improve business decisions and ultimately improve the profitability and sustainability of their farming operations.

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