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Pasture Monitoring Package

Wildeye is an affordable, accurate & dependable monitoring solution for irrigation management, pasture growth management, managing effluent disposal and the demonstration of good environmental management practices.

The Pasture Monitoring Package is very simple to install yourself to save money and to better understand what and where you are monitoring.
Remotely monitor Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature from your desktop, tablet or mobile device and easily share your data with your Agronomist or advisors. The package includes 2 soil moisture sensors and 1 soil temperature sensor.

With tens of thousands of Wildeyes deployed into California, Australia and New Zealand – farmers, irrigators, PCAs, agronomists and dealers keep better track of what’s happening on the farm and put more science into their decision making.

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Benefits of Soil Moisture Monitoring:

  • Demonstration of good environmental management.
  • See how much water actually makes it to the root zone
  • Saves pumping and fertilizer costs while ensuring optimal pasture production
  • Prevent unnecessary over-irrigation
  • Avoid fertiliser application when the soil is saturated, so nutrients don’t run-off into surface water or leach into the groundwater.
  • Prevent effluent disposal on saturated soil and keep accurate records automatically.
  • Set clear irrigation start targets based on moisture – monitor they are being met
  • Check your irrigators performance

Benefits of Soil Temperature Monitoring:

  • Soil Temperature is a key influencer of your pasture’s response rate to Nitrogen. The warmer the soil, the greater and more immediate the response.
  • Maximise the effectiveness and reduce the cost of your Nitrogen fertiliser by having better information to guide timing and amount of applications.
  • Soil temperature influences aeration, soil moisture content, and the availability of plant nutrients

The Wildeye Advantage

  • Simple, affordable and scalable
  • Package includes all sensors, telemetry, website and iOs app
  • Do it yourself installation
  • Works out of the box – just press one button to start
  • Works anywhere in mobile phone coverage. No complicated radio setup
  • Share your data with your advisor and staff. Unlimited logins.