Wildeye Enterprise


Wildeye Enterprise is a powerful and flexible monitoring platform designed for partners and resellers to offer a range of powerful options to growers. Each Wildeye device can accept SDI12 inputs, up to 4 analog inputs (0-5V, 4-20mA or resistance), 2 counter inputs for water meter or rain gauge, and 1 switch input.

Web-based graphing with powerful tools including fleet & group management, stacking of soil moisture, set-points for field capacity and stress points, calculation of PAW, automatic emailing of graphs, email and SMS alerts. Partners can supply and install 3rd party sensors, handle interface wiring, and select sensor types in the website setup.




Wireless Monitoring Platform

The Wildeye Enterprise platform brings cellular communications ruggedness and low support overhead to a variety of applications. The low cost allows all nodes to be cellular - cut out the need for range testing, large poles and repeat sites visits. Radio testing is simple: If your customer has cellular signal - they can use Wildeye.

Wildeye nodes have a very small form-factor and are fully water proof - clip it to a fence or post with no housing required.Wildeye nodes are powered either from an internal long-life battery with up to 5 years life on daily connections, or from a small solar panel directly for more real-time data uploads.

  • * Irrigation Monitoring
  • * NRCS
  • * Water take compliance monitoring
  • * Tank level monitoring
  • * Temperature monitoring with alarms
  • * Weather Stations
  • * Well and bore level monitoring

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