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Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t. The device is shipped with a SIM card already installed. Your usage charges are managed through the web interface and included in the monthly website fee.

Yes. Visit m.wildeyeenterprise.com for a mobile version of the site. The Enterprise mobile site includes an installation section that records the GPS location of your installation, gives you feedback on signal strength and allows you to submit site photos and installation notes to your website.

Yes. Configure unlimited email/SMS recipients to receive alerts for high and low levels. Note that a different billing plan may apply.

Data can be extracted from the Outpost database using XML   queries or auto-exported to FTP / Dropbox. CSV export format can be customized.

No. The Wildeye software is fully web-based and can be tested from the password protected Wildeye website. All modern web browsers are supported including tablets and smart phones.

If your hardware gets damaged in the field for some reason (eg. Run over by a harvester) then you can simply unplug the sensors and replace with a new Wildeye. All settings will be transferred to the new Wildeye automatically for seamless continuation of data.

Yes. All settings are available from the website. There are no settings that require a site visit to change.

No. The rechargeable Wildeye uses a Lithium Ion battery that unlike other battery chemistries does not suffer from a ‘memory effect’.

Data is constantly read from attached meters and sensors and recorded in internal memory. For the long-life battery version, connection frequency is normally once per day. For the rechargeable version, connection frequency is typically once per hour. In general, you can select from many different upload schedules. eg. once per hour. You can specify a time of day that the upload will occur.

For the long-life battery version on default daily connections, the battery will last up to 5 years when attached to flow meters, or up to 4 years when attached to analog sensors such as pressure & level gauges, soil moisture or weather sensors. The rechargeable version will last up to 5 years on hourly connections.

Wildeye is designed to work with any soil moisture sensors, pressure gauge & switches, or flow meters. Please ask the Wildeye team for a list of currently supported sensors.

For the rechargeable Wildeye version, if for some reason there is not enough sunlight on the solar panel and the internal battery gets low, then the device will automatically reduce the connection frequency to conserve battery. This will ensure that you will still receive data – but less often than usual until the battery has time to recharge. You can receive an email notification when the battery level is low.

No. You can provide additional user access to the system with no additional costs.